About Us

We are part of those individuals with passion, admiration, and a desire to carry out projects with intensity, dedication, and to achieve the satisfaction that we desire for ourselves from a well-defined, well-executed job, and therefore a guaranteed success. We know that this success is not something casual; we achieve it with a solid proposal and by creating great teams. Hence, eBullicionar emerges.

Miguel Rodríguez

I am a Technical Superior in Restoration, a professional recognized by the Royal Academy of Spanish Gastronomy. My passion for excellent service and gastronomy began in my adolescence, working in a family restaurant. Throughout my career, I have risen to the position of Director of a three Michelin-starred restaurant and have worked in renowned establishments such as El Bulli, Astrid & Gastón, and Chateaubriand. Additionally, I have developed projects both nationally and internationally in cities such as Geneva, Paris, Singapore, and London. I hold a Master’s degree in Bio-psychology and I am a Trainer of Trainers. With over a decade of experience, I have advised and developed projects alongside Barbara. Our extensive professional trajectory has allowed us to acquire experience in executing projects that respond to diverse demands and cultural perspectives, adapting to the requirements of different markets.

Bárbara Fraga

I am Barbara, trained at the Hospitality School of Galicia. I have developed my passion for front-of-house service in prestigious restaurants such as El Bulli, Azurmendi, and Astrid y Gastón in Peru. My experience in service and my strong focus on customer care have allowed me to excel in restaurant organization, ensuring order, cleanliness, and creating a carefully crafted and relaxed atmosphere for diners. With over a decade of experience, I have worked alongside Miguel on various consultancy and development projects, both nationally and internationally. Our extensive professional background has enabled us to adapt to the demands and cultural perspectives of different markets.


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In our teams, we have specialists in every type of business related to gastronomy, including

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We have a team of specialized professionals who will help you set up your project from scratch, including

Our team is prepared to turn your vision into reality, ensuring that every aspect of your project is in the hands of experts.

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